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Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki is one of the holy places of Karnataka which is situated on the right bank of river Sharavati near Gerasoppa which was once under the direct rule of Queen Chennabaira Devi, also Known as ‘Pepper Queen’. No one would dream that once a barren neglected land would be a place of attraction and piligrimage for thousands of people all over the country. This piece of land is surrounded by evergreen thick forest of western ghat. Shree Kshetra a place of promise and peace is deemed as the abode of Lord Shree Veeranjaneya was founded by Late VedaBrahma Shree Ganesh Bhat with the blessing of Bhagwan Shree Shridhar Swamiji. A profound Vedic Scholar Late Shree Ganesh Bhat had obtained divine power of Dharshan with intense devotional meditational rituals of Lord Veeranjaneya. Thus with this small beginning the temple started socio religions activities and continued with same Zeal,       sanctity and devotion by successor Shree Shree Maruthi Gurujee.

Lord Anjaneya born with all aspects of God Rudra (Shiva) is a unique character of great epic Ramayana. He is known for his selfless service and outstanding abilities to do anything and everything which is called Ashtasiddhi. Thus he stands entirely different from other Godly characters.

Lord Anjaneya is known as health giving God and one of the alert Gods in Kaliyuga. Lord Veeranjaneya in Bangaramakki standing with his “Gada” kept along aside his knees and his might, warriorship, politeness, respect and selfless devotion towards his beloved master Shree Ramachandra.

At Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki, Lord Shree Veeranjaneya is facing to North indicates victory. Coming back to the north after completing the task of wealth and prosperity. The North which is ruled by Kubera symbolizes wealth and peace of mind. Thus Lord Shree Veeranjaneya in Bangaramakki with special powers and with all aspects of Rudra is being worshiped by many.

Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki is a holy place amidst evergreen forest of western Ghats and on the right bank of the river Sharavathi. On a distance of 30kms from Jog Falls and 32 kms from Honavar, near B.H. Road in Gerasoppa at Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki, Lord Shree Veeranjaneya blesses lakhs of people who come from all over the country and faraway places from India.

At Bangaramakki, all the devotees bow down to the feet of Lord Shree Veeranjaneya and seek his blessings extended to all without any discrimination. The “Sannidhi” is unique in which every single person who visits Shree Kshetra is blissful being. Lord Veeranjaneya blesses all the devotees through “DARSHANA”, a very rare happening, which is a divine experience. There is history of more than 300 years for this Darshana. Devotees seek solutions and remedies for their problems such as domestic, business and health and so on in Darshana. There are examples where in many patients who were in death bed and suffering from psychological ailments have been miraculously cured. Persons who had undergone lot of distress and downs in their life have been rejuvenated. There are no restrictions as to any caste, creed or community to obtain the fruits of this Darshana.

Shree Kshetra Bangaramakki is founded according to the blessings of Bhagavan Shree Shreedhar Swamiji, and his Holiness Shree Bharathee Thirtha of Shringeri Peetha has blessed declaringly this Kshetra as to grow in the name of Hemapura in future.

Late Veda Brahma Shree Ganesh Bhat is the founder priest of this Shree Kshetra and after his regime his worthy son Shree Maruthi Gurujee, successively being the Dharmadhikari and as the successor of Darshana has been the spirit behind various welfare oriented programmes such as religious, cultural, social, educational, art, literature, music, environment oriented programmes, protection  of holy antiquity, flourishing of rural traditional treatment systems which would be practiced and preached genealogically and health programmes etc.

His Holiness Shree Maruthi Gurujee is a young energetic, ambitious, extra ordinarily intelligent and a man having a great zeal to work for the welfare of society. Being a well wisher of mankind, apart from religious rituals of Shree Kshetra has taken up various activities as below. With an extra ordinary foresight he has set up charity Trusts viz.